Inquiry Based & Explicit Teaching

Smart Words is a word study program based on research that teaches students
HOW TO SPELL (the orthography of the English language) through

  • Teaching the patterns and rules that govern the orthographic code.
  • Basing spelling on the strategies and information discovered in word study.
  • Presenting words, within the student’s memory span, which are grouped phono-graphically so information is systemically developed, stored and utilised.
  • Teaching phonemic awareness and sound analysis throughout the program along with the required visual skills.
  • Providing time and activities to practice the strategies and information for generalisation and transference to long term memory.
  • Catering for different learning modalities and providing a detailed program for establishing strong foundation skills.

Smart Words is modelled on inquiry-based learning with the teacher guiding small groups of students in analysing and studying words.

The teacher guides the students in their learning through

  • Encouraging them to search for patterns (sounds) in words.
  • Identifying the frequency of use and positional frequency of a phonogram in a word.
  • Discussing the multiple meanings some words may have.
  • Determining the rules that are used within a word.
  • Justifying the importance of the base word and the variety of extensions that can be applied including prefixes and suffixes.
  • Discovering the history of the word.
  • Learning at a common level of development and knowledge, within a group.