Smart Words is a word study program that teaches “how” to spell words. It uses a sequential and developmental list of words (with a common pattern) as a tool to study words, develops a spelling consciousness, and an awareness of how to spell correctly through:

  • Stressing the importance of teaching strong foundation skills in the areas of auditory, visual and motor (gross and fine).
  • Teaching rules and generalisations as it is estimated that over 98% of words follow the rules that govern the English language.
  • Grouping words phonetically and graphically.
  • Teaching morphemic groupings ie base word +prefix/suffix, extensions and the rules that govern their usage.
  • Recognising that the meaning and understanding of usage of a word is essential.
  • Introducing grammar and the use of punctuation.
  • Teaching editing: visual, auditory, rule and contextual checks.
  • Introducing one new element at a time and continuously revising rules and phonemes/graphemes previously taught for long-term retention.