Julie Bradley

Julie is the Owner, Director and Principal Tutor of Smart Achievers. She is the Author and Publisher of Smart Words Word Study Program, Co-author of Spelling Rules with Tips and Tricks Cards and Unpacking Grammar Chart.

She is the Western Australian Representative for Lexia Core 5, Lexia Power Up and Reading Plus online reading programs.

Julie has been an educator for over 40 years, not only teaching children but educating teachers too.

She has been a speaker at national and state educational conferences, conducted innumerable professional learning sessions for educators, written articles for educational journals, spoken on national radio and delivered numerous information sessions to help guide parents.

Julie was invited to join a speaking tour to Chinese and South African universities and to a European Conference for 25 international schools in Switzerland in 2016.

Julie was privileged to train under the expertise of Australian educationalists Bulluss and Coles, and American educationalist, Denise Eide (The Logic of English). She values the guidance and professional discourse with her long-term friend, Andrea Kilov, who shares her passion for educating children according to science and development.

Her promise to:

  • Educators is to use evidence based research in trialled and tested content so that Smart Achievers resources deliver learning activities that are meaningful and purposeful and target the successful and scientific teaching of the English code.
  • Students is to make the English code easy to learn, remember and apply, and have fun doing it.
  • Parents is to help their children to learn, and be the best they can be, so they have the knowledge and the skills to fulfil their dreams. 
  • Her husband is to be home in time for dinner.


Sarah Gladman

Sarah Gladman is the patient, caring person who organises us all. She manages our emails, your phone calls and messages. Sarah juggles our tutor bookings and your accounts. She is also the creator of our newsletters. Luckily, Sarah is a very capable employee who manages to fill a multitude of roles and complete a range of duties. We are very grateful for the care and thought she puts into all she does.