Julie Bradley

Julie is the Owner, Director and Principal Tutor of Smart Achievers. She is the Author and Publisher of Smart Words Word Study Program, Co-author of Spelling Rules with Tips and Tricks Cards and Unpacking Grammar Chart.

She is the Western Australian Representative for Lexia Core 5, Lexia Power Up and Reading Plus online reading programs.

Julie has been an educator for over 40 years, not only teaching children but educating teachers too.

She has been a speaker at national and state educational conferences, conducted innumerable professional learning sessions for educators, written articles for educational journals, spoken on national radio and delivered numerous information sessions to help guide parents.

Julie was invited to join a speaking tour to Chinese and South African universities and to a European Conference for 25 international schools in Switzerland in 2016.

Julie was privileged to train under the expertise of Australian educationalists Bulluss and Coles, and American educationalist, Denise Eide (The Logic of English). She values the guidance and professional discourse with her long-term friend, Andrea Kilov, who shares her passion for educating children according to science and development.

Her promise to:

  • Educators is to use evidence based research in trialled and tested content so that Smart Achievers resources deliver learning activities that are meaningful and purposeful and target the successful and scientific teaching of the English code.
  • Students is to make the English code easy to learn, remember and apply, and have fun doing it.
  • Parents is to help their children to learn, and be the best they can be, so they have the knowledge and the skills to fulfil their dreams. 
  • Her husband is to be home in time for dinner.

Sarah Gladman

Sarah Gladman is the patient, caring person who organises us all. She manages our emails, your phone calls and messages. Sarah juggles our tutor bookings and your accounts. She is also the creator of our newsletters. Luckily, Sarah is a very capable employee who manages to fill a multitude of roles and complete a range of duties. We are very grateful for the care and thought she puts into all she does.

James Ryan

I graduated from Hale School in 2018 and am studying Law at the University of Western Australia. In high school, I studied Maths Methods and Specialist, Literature, French, Chemistry and Physics and graduated with a certificate of Distinction from WACE. The law is fascinating to me because of its focus on problem solving and critical analysis within cases. James tutors English (Year3 – 12) and Maths (PP- Year 12) as well as Chemistry, Physics, Methods and Specialist.

Sarah Girdler

Sarah graduated from St Hilda’s ASG in 2020 where she achieved an ATAR of 98.6 through the study of Modern History, Math Methods, Chemistry, Human Biology and Literature. Following high school Sarah decided to pursue her love of animals through studying at Murdoch University in the Bachelor of Veterinary Science/Doctor of Veterinary Medicine course.

By working at Smart Achievers, Sarah has found her passion for tutoring students. She finds immense satisfaction in seeing students excited about their learning and she enjoys helping them to expand their skillsets and build confidence in their abilities. Sarah is a super organised person and loves sharing this skill set with others.  She is amazing at assisting a student to organise a study and homework routine, balance the varying demands in their lives, categorise and organise their subject notes and plan ahead for upcoming assignments and assessments.

Sarah works every Saturday from 8am-1pm. She tutors: Maths, HASS and Science for Years 3-10 and for English Years 3-12. She also tutors ATAR English Literature, Human Biology, Chemistry and Contemporary History.

Sarah’s goal for working at Smart Achievers is to assist students in being able to pursue their own goals, whatever they may be.

Eliza Smith

Eliza completed high school at St Hilda’s ASG where she studied ATAR Literature, Politics and Law, Modern History, Drama and Mathematic Methods. She was awarded a certificate of excellence for her Modern History exam. Her essays from Literature, History and Politics were all included in the 2018 WACE good answers guide.

Since High school Eliza has completed a Bachelor in Performing Arts at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts, majoring in Performance Making to become a playwright and director.  Upon graduation, she was awarded both the Golden Pen Award for best writing throughout the course, and the Director in the Making Award for best direction. Her major third year project was recognised with the Best Contemporary Theatre Award, and a residency to be developed further with the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art.

When she isn’t writing and directing theatre, Eliza tutors students from pre-primary through to year 12 in English. She excels in teaching all facets including spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and various writing genres. Eliza is passionate about sharing her love of creative writing. She encourages students to be brave with their ideas and supports them with a ‘toolkit’ of techniques to develop these ideas.

Eliza also tutors Maths and HASS from pre-primary to year 10.

For ATAR students, Eliza tutors English, English Literature, Modern History, Politics and Law and Drama. She delivers dynamic, information packed sessions that push students to new and higher levels. Her thoughtful and well prepared tutoring resources are a valuable asset to Smart Achievers.

Ella Girdler

In her final year of schooling at St Hilda’s ASG, Ella was named Dux of 2018 having completed ATAR courses in Literature, Mathematics Methods, Mathematics Specialist, Chemistry and Economics. She received a Certificate of Distinction for her ATAR exam results and achieved a final ATAR score of 99.65.

Since graduating high school, Ella has commenced studying a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery degree at Curtin University. Following her first year of study, Ella was awarded a place on the Vice Chancellor’s List in recognition of earning an end-of-year Course Weighted Average that ranked in the top 1% of students at Curtin. As an active member of the Curtin Medical School, Ella leads the volunteer organisation ‘Teddy Bear Hospital’, which runs incursions to at-risk Primary Schools to improve the health literacy of early learning students.

In her spare time, Ella is an avid writer. Her work has earned several accolades including the Peter Cowan’s Youth Poetry Award and Runner-up for Western Australia in the Simpson’s Prize Historical Essay competition.

Ella is a passionate tutor who believes that the best results are achieved when students feel supported and confident. She has three years of experience in tutoring a range of subjects, from Pre-primary level Maths and English to Year 12 Specialist and Chemistry. Her tutoring approach emphasises the importance of a dedicated, high-yield study schedule that harnesses self-testing techniques.

Ann Linehan

Ann graduated from St Hilda’s ASG in 2016, where she took Maths Methods and Specialist, Chemistry, Physics, French and English Literature. She received an ATAR of 99.55 and was awarded a WACE Certificate of Distinction.

After school she completed a Bachelor of Science with Honours, majoring in Mathematics and Statistics at UWA. After completing her Honours she was invited to tutor at the WA Maths Summer School, a prestigious program for gifted year 11 students showing significant potential in mathematics.

Ann has many years of experience tutoring maths at all levels. Her passion really lies in making maths enjoyable. The key to this is focusing on the skills required to build a very strong foundation, which removes fear and makes studying more complex maths exciting and fun. In the case where important basic skills have not been developed fully at school, Ann is able to identify what areas need to be targeted and smoothly bring students up to speed while building their confidence to tackle more difficult problems.

Students of all levels can benefit from her lessons because love her of maths is contagious, she makes a hard subject easy.

Ann tutors maths from year 3 to year 12 as well as ATAR Physics and Chemistry.

Sea Poked

Sea is currently enrolled to become a high school Maths teacher and he is also a dance instructor.  Tutoring in Maths across the years gives him the opportunity to refine his teaching techniques and explanations.  It also gives him indepth knowledge of the Maths curriculum across the grade levels type of Maths. Sea’s vast knowledge enables him to move through a tutor session adapting the content as needed by a student. The practise exercises he delivers are ideal for the area a student needs help with.

Sea works Thursdays afternoons/nights.  He teaches Maths from Year 1 through to, and including, university level. Sea is an engaging, organised, and commanding tutor.  His clear instructions are delivered with precision.

Matt Kerfoot

Matt Kerfoot graduated from Scotch College in 2021 with several outstanding awards including Proficiency Prize in Years 11 & 12, Academic Honours, Stewart Literature Prize Year 12, Senior Prose Prize Year 12, Australian Math Competition High Distinction, International Chemistry Quiz Distinction, Distinction in Curtin University Course: Introduction to Astronomy in Year 10, Pipe Band Honours Year 12, Dickenson Leadership Award and many other personal and academic achievements.

Matt is an outstanding tutor in Maths and English Years 1-10 plus General English to Year 12,  ATAR Literature, Maths Specialist and Methods, and Physics.

Matt has a deep passion for learning which he generously shares and aims to instil within his students. His sessions are always well organised and cover content in a carefully considered sequence. He is adaptable to the needs of each student and adjusts his instructions and exercises as required. Matt has an engaging manner, and he is very complimentary and encouraging to his students.

Currently, Matt is studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and a Bachelor of Science (Mathematics and Statistics) at UWA.

It is a pleasure to have Matt join our team. He is an open and positive communicator with a calm and thoughtful approach to tutoring students.

Antonio Soon

Antonio graduated from UWA in 2020 with a First Class Honours in Psychology. He has 6 years of tutoring experience and a passion for education. Antonio tutors Mathematics (Year 1 – 12 all levels), Science (Year 1 – Year 6), Chinese language (all levels) and ATAR Psychology. He is dedicated to helping students achieve their academic goals.

Antonio’s communication skills are exceptional and he teaches high level Maths with clarity and vigour. Antonio is the tutor you need for any type of ATAR Maths. He is also popular with preparing students for the progression to Year 11 Maths and the jump to Year 7 maths content. Antonio has the ability to assist your child in tackling any Maths assignments or forthcoming assessments. He excels in diagnosing the gaps and moving students quickly to level. Antonio is quietly commanding and gains excellent results in a one hour tutor session.

Antonio has a strong command of English, but prefers to spend his tutoring time teaching Chinese. With achieving First Class Honours in Psychology, he is the perfect tutor for students struggling or wanting to excel in the subject.

Antonio is now working full-time as a provisional psychologist and behaviour support practitioner. He works at Smart Achievers every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and Saturdays. We are privileged to have Antonio as part of our team with his outstanding credentials and his ability to share his knowledge with students.

Serena Li

Serena is a welcomed addition to our tutoring team. She specializes in tutoring ATAR and General Human Biology and Chinese (Mandarin) to any level. Serena has completed a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and is now working on a Master of Science in Bioinformatics via the University of Melbourne.

Throughout her years of studies, Serena has developed extensive knowledge of Human Biology at Year 11, Year 12 and university levels. She believes that an enjoyable studying process and a thorough understanding of topics are extremely important in content-heavy subjects like Human Biology. We anticipate Serena’s strong analytical, researching and computer skills to be very useful for students. She can utilize R Language, Python, Stata and Galaxy programming languages for statistical analyses. She is also competent at assisting students with research assignments.

As a native Chinese speaker, she would also like to spend her tutoring time teaching Chinese to help students develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Serena aims to cater to students’ needs and provide valuable tutoring sessions to help them achieve their full academic potential.

Delaney Burke

Delaney is a 2021 graduate from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, where she achieved her Bachelor of Performing Arts (performance making). Delaney is enthusiastic about all things English, from reading and comprehension to essays and creative writing for students of all ages. She also enjoys tutoring middle-school history, maths, and science. Delaney is of course a lover of speech & drama, and she believes that creative arts are incredibly beneficial to children’s lives. Delaney is passionate about working with children and young people, and strives to support them to do their very best in their studies.