12 more fun educational holidays activities at home

Girl looking at tablet while writing on paper Fun and Educational Holidays Activities

Fun Educational Holidays Activities: Are you looking for ways to include learning activities in fun school-holiday activities with the kids? Smart Achievers has jotted down a simple list of dot points for exactly this!

The following 12 fun education holidays activities can brighten up your holidays and keep your children active and engaged, and are an alternative to screen time so you can spend more time together!

    • Set up a daily program for each day by planning the day before or for a full week.
    • Ring, text or email a relative or friend.
    • Interview an interesting person in your lives via questions your child writes or asks.
    • Use some food colouring in water to paint some pictures or patterns.
    • Teach your kids how to play hoppy, skip…
    • Throw, catch, bounce &/or bat a ball for 5 minutes a day. Bats can be made from a rolled up magazine or newspaper and taped.

  • Play hide and seek with a hidden object and use getting ‘hotter’ or ‘colder’ to help the players find the treasure. Set the timer to see who questions, listens and thinks smartly.
  • Plan and organise a family concert in which everyone may either sing, dance, play, do magic, read a poem, tell a joke etc. Invite others to watch or join in via zoom or facetime.
  • Have a dress up day for the whole family. Add a theme and repeat.
  • Move backwards for half a day and sideways for another half day.
  • Blindfold a family member and carefully guide them to another place.
  • Create an obstacle course and complete a circuit on a regular basis throughout the day.

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