12 more fun & educational school holidays activities at home

Are you looking for ways to include learning activities in fun school-holiday activities with the kids? Smart Achievers has jotted down a simple list of dot points for exactly this!

    • Set up a daily program for each day by planning the day before or for a full week.
    • Ring, text or email a relative or friend.
    • Interview an interesting person in your lives via questions your child writes or asks.
    • Use some food colouring in water to paint some pictures or patterns.
    • Teach your kids how to play hoppy, skip…
    • Throw, catch, bounce &/or bat a ball for 5 minutes a day. Bats can be made from a rolled up magazine or newspaper and taped.

  • Play hide and seek with a hidden object and use getting ‘hotter’ or ‘colder’ to help the players find the treasure. Set the timer to see who questions, listens and thinks smartly.
  • Plan and organise a family concert in which everyone may either sing, dance, play, do magic, read a poem, tell a joke etc. Invite others to watch or join in via zoom or facetime.
  • Have a dress up day for the whole family. Add a theme and repeat.
  • Move backwards for half a day and sideways for another half day.
  • Blindfold a family member and carefully guide them to another place.
  • Create an obstacle course and complete a circuit on a regular basis throughout the day.

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