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Where there’s a Will there’s a way

When Will (Year 6) started Reading Plus his reading proficiency (rate, comprehension and vocabulary) was at Year 3 level.  He lacked confidence as a reader, but he believed he could be a better reader.

In five weeks he has read 15,000 words, improved his reading rate by 24 words/minute and increased his comprehension to 86% in all eight skill areas.  He is already a quarter of the way to his Year 6 target. 

What a winner!

Will says: ‘It is helping already and the positive reinforcement the program offers with badges/improved scores etc. really helps too.’

Mum says: ‘I think the penny has dropped!  Persistent effort = positive outcomes.’ 

February, 2022

Harry (Year 5) loves the stories he reads on Reading Plus. His speed, with comprehension, has jumped 56 words per minute in 10 days (Year 6 speed).

Out of the eight skill areas he only needs help with 2 of the 25 sub-skill areas. Reading Plus provides all the resources for us to help him understand ‘Recognising the Author’s Purpose’ and ‘Judging Validity’. To achieve this, Harry reads for 10-15 minutes, five times a week. 

February, 2022