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Programs Smart Achievers Represents

  • Word study program that teaches students “how” to spell words for ages 5-12+,
  • Uses a sequential and developmental list of words as a tool to study words,
  • Develops a spelling consciousness.
    Read more about Smart Words


  • Fundamental literacy for K-5,
  • Promotes early engagement with literacy,
  • Target areas: phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, structural analysis and comprehension.
    Read more on their website: Lexia Core5


  • Fundamental literacy for 6-12+,
  • Closes literacy gaps and builds analytical skills
  • Target areas: grammar, reading comprehension, word study and vocabulary.
    Read more on their website: Lexia PowerUp


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WA schools only: Contact Smart Achievers for a FREE Term 4 trial of our online reading programs. Email [email protected] or call 0424 408 010 or 0418 955 240

  • All programs provide substantial and significant data, targeted resources for teachers to use in class, and set-up support.
  • These programs allow for individual engagement, which is particularly important during Term 4, when children often have different commitments and are in-and-out of classroom more than ever.