Speech Pathologist & Audiologist

Andrea Kilov: 81A Lockhart St, Como WA 6152. Phone 0411 754 746

Specializes in speech, language and learning difficulties.

Behavioural Optometrists (Acreddited ACBO Fellows)

Adrian Rossiter: For Eyes Optometrist, 158 High St Fremantle, WA 6160. Phone (08) 9335 3433. Visit their website here at www.foreyes.com.au

Liz Wason: EyeSense Vision and Therapy Centre, unit 2, 643 Newcastle St Leederville, WA 6007. Liz Wason specialises in behavioural optometry for children. Steve Leslie works out of the same practice and only with adults.  Make appointments online through their website www.eyesensevision.com.au