Smart Words was written as a whole school approach to Spelling through a word study program.  Smart Words is a reflection of the current Australian Curriculum in Spelling.

  • It was originally written by Judie Bulluss and Peter Coles (Smart Starters), and is currently supplied worldwide and published by Smart Achievers.
  • It is based on findings by Barbara Brann (M.Ed., B.ED., B.A., Dip.ED., Grad. Dip. Special Ed., T.T.C.) and Mary McCorristan (Latrobe University) who have completed major studies in spelling and word study.
  • The basic reference for the spelling process came from the work of Simon and Simon and this led to the “Say, Sound, Spell, Cover, Write and Check” methodology.
  • Barbara Brann (New Zealand) found through further research that spelling needs to be “taught, not caught.”
  • Research sited in Chapter 10 and 11 of the book “Language and Literacy Learning in Schools” Edited by Silliman and Wilkinson supports the methodology used throughout the program.
  • Teaching Low Achieving Children Reading, Spelling and Handwriting” by Annabel Most Markoff is also a relevant reference.
  • Spelling Rules with Tips and Tricks Cards acknowledges the work of Denise Eide, The Logic of English, and Judie Bulluss’ Signposts to Correct Spelling
  • Unpacking Grammar is based on the Australian National Curriculum
  • Spelling is based on the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) and the Australian English Dictionary (AED)
  • Memory capacity and training is based on the research by Harvard Psychologist George Miller and is influenced by Joshua Foer’s findings in “Moonwalking with Einstein” and John Medina’s book “Brain Rules”