10 fun & educational school holidays activities at home


Are you looking for ways to include learning activities in fun school-holiday activities with the kids? Smart Achievers has jotted down a simple list of dot points for exactly this!

  • Write a treasure hunt for your kids to follow the written hints to the hidden treasure and then get them to set up a treasure hunt for you with hints and a prize,
  • Allocate a space for each child to create and maintain a little garden,
  • As a family, monitor and reduce your garbage over the period,

  • Write a letter to a relative or friend and ask them to reply,
  • Get your kids to plan, cost and organise a holiday and create a brochure to sell their idea to the family,
  • Set up a play shop and use your change as currency to buy and sell items,
  • Count the change in your change jar or purse,


  • Cook a simple food each day and write the recipe into a book for future use,
  • Hear your child read orally for 2 minutes a day and get them to read silently for 20 minutes/day,
  • Set up a chore list with payments. Add and pay as discussed. Payment could be money or treats such as an inhouse movie break.

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