Smart Words Teaching Videos

Useful for teachers in the classroom, as well as parents at home, to
assist in the teaching of spelling through our Smart Word book series.

Narrated by Julie Bradley.

“Thank you for the Smart Words YouTube teaching videos – they’re incredibly helpful.”
– Katie McClue, Wembley Primary School, Yarraville

“Thanks for the teaching videos. They are GOLD!”
Giselle Konle, Xavier College, Hilbert. WA

Click on the links below to view the videos on YouTube.

Level C

Level D 

Level E

Level F

Level G 2014

Level H

Level I

Level J

Level K

Level L

Level M

Level N

Level O

Level P

Level Q 2018

Level Q 2020

Level R

Level S

Level T

Level U

Level V

Level W

Level X

Level Y

Level Z