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Smart Words is a word study program that teaches students “how” to spell words. It uses a sequential and developmental list of words (with a common pattern) as a tool to study words, develops a spelling consciousness, and an awareness of how to spell correctly.

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Smart Words is very easy to implement and such a benefit to our students. It forces teachers to become familiar with the rules in a non-threatening way. We love using it. The staff feedback, after your presentation, was great and they can really can see the benefits for our school. We are grateful that you gave up your time for us.
~ Gemma David (Melbourne Girls Grammar) ~ 

I am currently working on Level U of the Smart Words Study Program. I enjoy the range of different spelling activities that are in Smart Words.
~Jen, Year 7, NZ

I am currently working at a Level U student workbook. I enjoy Smart Words and I think it’s a good program for kids to be doing- so keep up the good work! Thank you for all your hard work making the activities.
~Janaye, NZ

I am Jessica, from Waikowhai Intermediate in Auckland, New Zealand.
Personally, I enjoy working on Smart Words every school morning, because it boosts your brain, ready for the day ahead!
I have increased my writing skills because of your program. Smart Words is an amazing resource to use in Intermediate School.
Thank you for creating Smart words, I really appreciate it.
~Jessica, NZ



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