Vision Therapy

Vision therapy combines the use of lenses, prisms and filters in a range of individually tailored activities aimed to improve visual efficiency and visual processing skills.

At For Eyes Optometrist in Fremantle we have a new vision training system, called Vivid Vision Virtual Reality, which allows for vision therapy to be done in a virtual reality environment. This powerful system applies the latest advancements in virtual reality systems to vision training. It is engaging and makes vision therapy fun.

Only a small number of behavioural optometry practices in Australia have access to the Vivid Vision virtual reality visual training system which has been designed to train strabismus (turned eyes) and amblyopia (lazy eyes). It is also used to help improve motor control and convergence insufficiency. Convergence insufficiency frequently remains undetected in eye examinations. Often, a child can read a letter chart with “20/20 vision”, however, still have an inability to converge and use their eyes appropriately.

The symptoms of convergence insufficiency include eye strain, short attention span, headaches, double vision, words moving on a page, ghosting of images and blurred near vision. Parents and teachers may mistake it for a learning disability. Convergence insufficiency often adversely impacts on a child’s reading ability as more effort is directed towards keeping the words on a page clear and single rather than the underlying meaning of the text.

The training involves a series of in-practice sessions where tasks of increasing difficulty are presented. These tasks utilise the immersive virtual reality environment which are monitored and controlled by our behavioural optometrist. The vision therapy exercises are tailored to the individual and specifically designed to encourage the eyes to work together, thereby significantly improving visual outcomes.

For more information on Vivid Vision virtual reality vision training, call For Eyes Optometrist on 08 93353433 or follow the link to book an appointment for an initial assessment.


Thank you to Adrian Rossiter at For Eyes Optometrist, for providing us with access to this information for us to share with our Smart Achievers families.

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