Smart Words Student Workbook U

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Contains: 14 lists of words
New:  Introducing 1 new phonogram, revising 5 phonograms, 12 rules, 6 Tips and Tricks
Grammar:  Language: scientific, emotional, formal, casual; Detailed Sentences: adding adverbs, adjectives, verbs and nouns; Figurative Language: Metaphors and Similes; Spelling rules; Subject Verb Agreement; Proofreading: Verb Tense; Text to Formal Writing; Proof Reading: Waltzing Matilda; Cloze reading: le/el/il/al ~ Sound Sort: au/or; Proofreading & Sound Sort: ch/k/ck/c; Apostrophes; Prefix Change rule: in/im, sub/sup-sus; Complex Sentences ~ Cloze Reading: Pioneers

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