Priyal Patel

I moved to Perth in Year 5 after growing up in London. I graduated St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls in 2019 studying Literature, Maths Methods, Maths Specialist, Human Biology, Physics and Chemistry. I achieved a WACE certificate of distinction and graduated as DUX of my year. This year, I have planned to take a gap year before commencing university in 2021.

While I have always considered myself to be a more maths and science-oriented person, after starting work at Smart Achievers in January I have found that I love to tutor English. I aim to help my students understand how the structure of their writing can help them express and present their ideas in an efficient manner. In maths and science, I have found that even the most complex topics can be broken down into smaller and more manageable chunks. By presenting such topics in this manner, students gain confidence realising that no task is impossible, while also building their knowledge in these foundation topics. Currently, I am tutoring maths in all school levels,  year 11 Physics and years 11/12 in Chemistry, Human Biology and Maths Methods.

Ultimately, every student learns in a different way and I aim to adapt my approach to suit the student so that they can get the most out of their session.

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