James Ryan

I graduated from Hale School in 2018 and am studying Law at the University of Western Australia. In high school, I studied Maths Methods and Specialist, Literature, French, Chemistry and Physics and graduated with a certificate of Distinction from WACE. The law is fascinating to me because of its focus on problem solving and critical analysis within cases. My tutoring approach is informed by this kind of thinking and I also help my students develop these skills.

I joined Smart Achievers in August 2019 and have greatly enjoyed tutoring Maths, English, and many different sciences for students from preschool all the way to year 12. I focus on the thought process behind the problems, ascertaining how students approach problems and therefore how I can best help improve their existing learning habits. Once I’ve identified the areas I need to target, my teaching style involves using questions I craft to focus specifically on aspects that can be improved. I constantly gage how well my students are responding to my approaches, thereby assessing how each individual student learns. Based on this, I adapt my teaching strategy to each student. I try to keep each explanation as simple and accessible as possible to ensure a student learns the fundamentals of a topic. I can then help deepen their understanding by exploring its further applications. While the application is slightly different, this approach is very effective to help students achieve their goals in both English and Maths.

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