We have been using the Smart Words Spelling Program at Mel Maria for roughly 10 years. Our teachers were amazed at all the new spelling rules that they learnt whilst implementing the program.  The rules and generalizations that govern spelling are taught explicitly and revised constantly throughout the program. Our teachers love the fact that the program differentiates for them.  Each child is given a Placement Test and then grouped accordingly so that they are working at their level. I love the fact that word meanings and their extensions are covered in order to put the spelling in the context of language. The children (particularly in the junior years) are very enthusiastic and enjoy the ‘routine’ aspect of the program. I have seen the program expand and evolve especially in the last couple of years since Julie Bradley has taken over the reins.  She has introduced new resources such as ‘Spelling Rules with Tips and Tricks cards’ and the ‘Grammar chart’. She has a wealth of knowledge on anything to do with Spelling and the spelling process. I would recommend the program to any school that wants an explicit, differentiated, phonics based program where phonemes and graphemes are sequentially taught and constantly revisited and all with the backup and support of Julie’s team.

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