Smart Words Read Along, Sing Along, Nursery Rhymes and Songs. Unlaminated

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There are two nursery rhymes for every letter of the alphabet.

  • one rhyme is to cover┬áspeech (there is a nursery rhyme for every letter of the alphabet and the rhyme usually has the sound in the initial, final and medial position in a word, and within a sentence)
  • the second rhyme is to cover reading common introductory phrases and there is one nursery rhyme with an appropriate repetitive phrase for every letter of the alphabet

The nursery rhyme packs are to promote and assist:

  • speech
  • reading most common words (or sight words)
  • reading most common phrases to gain automaticity
  • reading fluency
  • enjoyment of reading
  • development of rhyme
  • as a lead into writing simple phrases and most common words
  • correct tripod grip when colouring the simple pictures
  • rhythmic movement in some of the PMP and Movement Starter floor session activities

This pack ties in perfectly with:

  • Starter Phrases Level B Reading Activities
  • Level B workbook
  • My Dictionary
  • Level B Extension workbook
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