Why Choose Smart Words For Your School In 2022?

    • Save money: Smart Words is an affordable spelling and grammar program that offers free training and support resources.
    • Save time: With ready-made workbooks, all the work is done for teachers, meaning you do not need to make your own resources for activities, saving precious time.
    • Save resources: With free teaching videos readily available via YouTube and free access to the marking code it makes it easier for schools and parents with the possibility of learning from home in these uncertain times.
    • Save hassle: Smart Words teaches students at their developmental level, with an individualised and sequential approach.

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Why Else?

      • Linked to the Australian National Curriculum: Smart Words teaches the rules of spelling, the organisation of phonemes and the understanding of morphology and grammar  while enriching vocabulary
      • Inquiry-based: Understanding, determining, and applying the rules and sounds of English words and their meaning.
      • Worldwide Program: Used in many English teaching schools worldwide.
      • Based on evidence: founded on the research knowledge of Bulluss and Coles, Bran, Silliman, Orton-Gillingham, Eide and others (see history of SW)

How To Get Started?

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