Using Smart Words in the Classroom

This presentation covers the implementation and continual use of Smart Words in the school environment, with reference to the pedagogy behind Smart Words. It includes a guided reference to supporting products and free online resources via our new website including testing, class management, teaching hints, marking codes, analysis grids, plus much more. It showcases free online teacher support via blogs, videos, matrixes (phonograms and spelling rules) relating Smart Words content to the current curriculum.

New edition Smart Words books will be on display to highlight the:

  • Scope and sequence of the development of competent and accurate spelling throughout the program
  • Comprehensive grammar program throughout all levels
  • Latin, Greek and Anglo-Saxon roots and affixes in the higher levels and extension books (U-Z)
  • Free support program to be used in conjunction with Smart Words (Levels B to L) to get struggling spellers quickly up to level

“We think that your books are really helpful, in fact, our whole school uses them!
Thank you for your help, Julie.”
~ Georgia and Ayesha ~ Whangarei, New Zealand


Smart Words is very easy to implement and such a benefit to our students. It forces teachers to become familiar with the rules in a non-threatening way. We love using it. The staff feedback, after your presentation, was great and they can really can see the benefits for our school. We are grateful that you gave up your time for us.
~ Gemma David (Melbourne Girls Grammar) ~ 


“I have enjoyed doing Smart Words.  I think it is a fun way to learn how to spell.
It makes sure that you are getting the right definition for the words you are learning.
It can sometimes be challenging, but it is also great because it makes you think.”
~ Mireille ~ Whangarei, New Zealand