Spelling Rules with Tips and Tricks


It is estimated that we have not taught spelling well for about 80 years, which means many people do not understand how spelling works.  Julie Bradley presents an information packed session that makes the English code simple to understand so teachers can make it quick and easy for their students to learn how to spell.
Julie will cover the reasoning behind the spelling of thousands of words to enable students to spell approximately 400,000 words by the time they leave school.

“I have never met a teacher that did not want to teach spelling well, however doing this depends on a high level of teacher knowledge about the English language and an understanding of spelling rules.  This is something that many teachers did not learn when they went to school and university.  Spelling Rules with Tips and Tricks will be invaluable to any teacher who wants to teach spelling effectively.”
~ Dr Lorraine Hammond, Phd, M.SpLd., Grad Cert SpLD(Dist)., B.Ed.~

“Julie has a wealth of knowledge on anything to do with spelling
and the spelling process.”
~ Jo Ciccarelli ~ Mel Maria School, Australia