A total program for beginning readers and writers.

Smart Achievers publish word study workbooks (P to Year 9) that align with Lexia Core 5 (P to Year 6) and Power Up (Year 6+).

We are happy to send your school some free samples if you are interested.  Please let me know which year levels you would be most interested in.
For early readers:  

We commence with Level A https://smartachievers.com.au/shop/smart-words-level-a-b-2/:  visual and auditory foundation skills necessary for reading/writing.

This is followed by the introduction to letter name, sound, symbol in Level B with consideration of the blend of auditory, visual and motor ease/difficulty.  This means: voiced sound before unvoiced sounds and separating similar sounds (eg c/t); tricky visual letters (p, d, b, q) are separated by other letters; letters that are easier to form are taught before more difficult letters (eg l before k), and; constant revision throughout to build on knowledge.

We have published a nursery rhyme booklet of 60 songs accompanied by a download of the songs via our website: https://smartachievers.com.au/shop/smart-words-read-along-sing-along-nursery-rhymes-songs-mp3-download/.  There is one nursery rhyme for every letter of the alphabet so children learn to recognise/say the alphabet sounds in the initial, final and medial position of a word in a sentence.   There is also one rhyme for the common introductory phrases.  Students, therefore, learn the most common words in context for better retention.  This format of rhythm/rhyme/repetition enhances fluency alongside fast accurate recognition.
To support this we have masters available for teachers to make up individual introductory reading booklets for every letter of the alphabet that link to the introductory phrases in the nursery rhymes.

We also have simple sentences for students to cut/order/glue/illustrate for every letter of the alphabet and its related introductory phrase.  This continues to develop into guided dictation booklets as students move onto word study workbooks.

Level B Extension workbook follows the same sequence of sounds/letters as Level B but moves into 3 letters/sounds from a reading and writing perspective.  Once again, very sequenced and lots of repetition

Level C https://smartachievers.com.au/shop/smart-words-student-workbook-c/ is the start of word study and grammar program which includes: phonology; morphology; etymology and rules.  The orthography of the English code is explicitly taught in the same sequence as LC5.

You may also access the fluency passages via the Lexia Core 5 resource hub:  http://www.lexialearningresources.com/Materials/Passages/Fluency_Passages_UK.pdf
The vocabulary in these passages is very controlled (phonetically, orthographically, morphologically, grammatically, word and sentence length, today’s most common words). LC5 is guided by the work of Dr. Elfrieda Hiebert.
We recommend that schools/parents use these passages to develop oral reading fluency in Levels 12+, once students have mastered decoding via Levels 1-11.  Comprehension is developed alongside reading skills from Level 1 through to Level 18.
When schools match their reading program to their word study/writing programs student progress is quicker and stronger.

We also offer fast-tracking students to level via our personal or online tutoring program.

Please feel free to call on 0424 408 010 or email [email protected] if you are interested in these programs.