We have an updated set of 60 downloadable Nursery Rhymes mp3 recordings available as an introduction to our Smart Words program. These recordings go with the Smart Words Nursery Rhyme booklet. These are a great resource for both home and classroom use.


  • Teaches the alphabet sounds in:
    – initial and/or medial and/or final position in a word.
    – in words in sentences.
  • Most Common Words or (sight words) are repeatedly covered in context in the rhymes. Lots of repetition means an easier transition to long term memory.
  • Introductory phrases are frequently used in nursery rhymes and these are commonly seen in many early reading books.
  • The rhythm and the rhyme makes the repetition an engaging, very strong learning tool.

How to use them?

  • Provide each child with their own Nursery Rhyme booklet and a chopstick (to use as a pointer) to track along with the words in the songs.
  • Focus on two rhymes per week, with a class poster.
    For example, for the letter ‘C’ we have Pat-a-Cake (/k/) and I Can (introductory phrase).
  • Revise the two previous rhymes, from the week before, and the next two rhymes for the following week. This equates to six rhymes per day.


  • The child will be fully engaged.
  • It covers speech as well as common words and phrases.
  • It makes early readers confident, fluent readers who enjoy the learning to read process.
  • It gives teachers/parents some time to do another important task.

Free classroom poster pack with every order of Nursery Rhyme booklets.

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