Lexia Core 5 aims to get students to level within a year.

Lexia Core 5 sets itself to a child’s level of understanding. They will be allocated 5 skills to work on at each level. See the skills related to the level they are currently working on here…Lexia Core 5 scope and sequence.

Lexia Core 5 aims to get students to level in reading within a year. If any of the skills are difficult for them, then their tutor receives an alert and paper activities to work through with the student to help them understand and master the skill area.

We do not want to use valuable tutor time online, so please ensure your child is fulfilling their weekly allocation of Lexia Core 5 or Power Up at home. Ten minutes a day is usually sufficient.

In accordance with recent research, Lexia Core 5 recognizes that humans learn best from a real person and paper and pencil activities. Online programs such as Lexia Core 5 are efficient in collecting and analyzing the data but the real advantage is that we teach the students exactly what they need to learn and at their level of understanding. For students working on levels 12 and above, a reading rate is also given after every Passage Fluency reading.

If you have forgotten how to log on to Lexia Core 5, you can find the instructions here.

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