Laurence Vanderhor

I’ve lived nearby my whole life, going to Mosman Park Primary School then graduating to Christ Church in year 7. During high school, I developed an interest in maths, physics, and chemistry which led to my current mechanical engineering studies at UWA. Over the coming months, I will only be available on weekends as I will be spending my weeks undertaking an exciting practical placement focusing on electric vehicles.

I joined the Smart Achievers team in my first year of university in 2016. Initially, I focused on the senior school maths topics I was most familiar with, but over my three years of tutoring, I’ve gained expertise within the range of topics that are covered right from junior school to year 12. I have precise knowledge of how they flow into each other from year to year and, most importantly, where most students get stuck. I have a highly adaptable approach, mostly writing problems on paper while my students are working. I’ve found this allows me to target the exact topics required at the right difficulty and easily allows me to slow down or speed up progression as required. Once a student understands what we’ve been working on, I aim to deepen their understanding of maths by presenting them with real-life examples and also provide extension by introducing them to the advanced topics their current topics leads into.

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