Julia Wallace


I graduated from St Hilda’s Anglican School for girls in 2018 and am completing my first year at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts studying a Bachelor of Music (Jazz Trumpet), with a hope to have a career in performing. At school I studied Maths Applications, Literature, Psychology, Politics and Music and graduated with a Certificate of Distinction from WACE. 


I love to tutor maths! I am an approachable tutor and really try to make my students feel comfortable and free to ask any questions. As a big fan of times table flashcards, I’ll make sure my students have them down in no time. I tailor maths problems to fit the student’s level and walk them through the reasoning sequence of concepts, so they are deeply understanding the processes of what they are doing. As I emphasise the foundations of mathematical reasoning, they are able to successfully apply this skill to problems of increasing complexity. 


Also…if you need tutoring in music theory, arranging or help with any high school music concepts and projects, I am here to help!

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