Eliza Smith

I completed high school at St Hilda’s ASG last year where I studied ATAR Literature, Politics and Law, Modern History, Drama, and Math Methods and was acknowledged with a certificate of excellence for my Modern History exam. I was honoured to find that my essays from Literature, History and Politics were all included in the 2018 WACE good answers guide. This year I completed my first year of a Bachelor in Performing Arts at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts, majoring in Performance Making as I train to become a playwright and director. While I adore creative writing, I have also kept up my analytical writing skills as I write reviews for an independent art collective.

Since starting work at Smart Achievers in January of this year, I have extended my passion for writing to a much deeper passion for teaching children to write. I tutor students from pre-primary all the way through to year 12 and at every level I find that it is always incredibly rewarding to watch a student’s clarity and voice grow. I aim to ensure students are brave with their ideas in creative writing, and that they have a strong ‘toolkit’ of techniques to extend and explore these ideas. When teaching both analytical essays and persuasive writing, I have a strong focus on writing concise and well-structured work centred around proving theses.

In addition to English, I tutor students from pre-primary to year 10 in mathematics and social studies (humanities). I also tutor year 11 and 12 students in Modern History, Politics and Law, and Drama.

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