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Schonell Spelling Age Test A and B

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The Schonell’s worked closely with Orton & Gillingham when they organised phonograms into a sequential, sound-symbol based, linguistically logical, understandable teaching order. Their spelling test is still relevant today, as is the work of Orton Gillingham.


Best results are obtained when children are seated one to a desk, facing the teacher at the front of the room.

The Schonell Spelling age test provides an accurate measure of a child’s spelling ability according to the sequence most spelling programs would follow.
1. Issue child with the A3 testing sheet proforma supplied
2. Each child should record their name, year level, date, and if possible their age, at the top of their sheet.
3. Inform the children that they will be given words to write as a spelling test and that they should write the words across the page.
4. Each word is dictated, embedded in an explanatory sentence, then dictated again. E.g. “Net.” “The fish was caught in a net.” “Net.”
5. After each group of five words, advise children to start a new line.
6. Children should continue writing words until they fail five words in sequence. They should be advised to stop work, turn their paper over and draw.


It will be noted that results appear as decimal fractions of a year. Therefore, it is advisable to convert the decimal fractions to months.