Tutor Profile: Priyal Patel

Priyal Patel Priyal graduated DUX of St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls in 2019 and was accepted into the highly competitive Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery program at Curtin University!  Priyal tutors English and Maths up to a Year 12 and ATAR Chemistry, Maths Methods and Human Biology.

Tutor Profile: James Ryan

James Ryan James graduated from Hale School and is currently studying Law at the University of Western Australia. In high school James studied Maths Methods and Specialist, Literature, French, Chemistry and Physics and graduated with a certificate of Distinction from WACE. James tutors English (Year3 – 12) and Maths (PP- Year 12) as well as Chemistry, Physics, Methods and Specialist.

Getting to know Eliza Smith

Eliza Smith I completed high school at St Hilda’s ASG last year where I studied ATAR Literature, Politics and Law, Modern History, Drama, and Math Methods and was acknowledged with a certificate of excellence for my Modern History exam. I was honoured to find that my essays from Literature, History and Politics were all included in the 2018 WACE good answers guide. This year I…

Tutor Profile: Julia Wallace

Julia Wallace   I graduated from St Hilda’s Anglican School for girls in 2018 and am completing my first year at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts studying a Bachelor of Music (Jazz Trumpet), with a hope to have a career in performing. At school I studied Maths Applications, Literature, Psychology, Politics and Music and graduated with a Certificate of Distinction from WACE.   …