Tympanogram tests for eardrum function. If the test results in a perfect bell curve, it means that the eardrum is functioning and therefore that the child’s hearing is currently ok. If the test doesn’t show a bell curve then there may be a problem with the eardrum and hearing may be compromised. This may simply be fluid in the ear causing pressure on the drum.

Compromised hearing leads to compromised learning. It is estimated that 1 in 3 Australian children suffer from intermittent hearing loss due to fluid in the ear canals (this may develop into glue ear). Did you know, having your child blow their nose twice a day reduces the incidence to 1 in 9!

Dr. Nicholas Forgione is a GP at the Trigg Health Care Centre and he conducts Tympanogram tests. There may be others who do this testing. If you know of someone,  please let us know so we can add them to our list.

Generally, ENT’s also provide this test however, you may have to wait.

Dr. Nicholas Forgione
Trigg Health Care Centre
Ph: 9447 0600
63 Charles Riley Rd, Trigg

For a full hearing assessment, we recommend the Lions Hearing Clinics. There are various clinics around WA. They have qualified audiologists and do not work on commission.

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